Gefangen (2004) IMDB 4.90(599) Full Movie Download

original title: Gefangen
rating: 4.90(599)
for adults, drama, romance
Director: Jorg Andreas. in roles: Marcel SH”ut, Mike sales, Ralph Steele, Andreas Bernhard, Michael Bush, …
running time: , 96 min.
release date: 2004


Dennis was put in prison after he was found guilty of using fake credit the cards. He is in a cell with a drug dealer. But all the same it is better to be with him, than to be raped by other prisoners. One day he looked out the window and sees the big Negro, who digs a hole in the floor…

Review: Rating positive reviews: 50% (1) enjoyboy – 07.12.2009 odd job for an Amateur Director released his film `Locked up` in two versions: the art Gefungen and porn film `Eingelocht`, filmed at the famous German pornostudii `CAZZO Films`. Most likely that the Director shot the usual porn movie with a plot, but at some point so carried away by the art of the line, so he decided to make it an independent film, designed for a wide audience. If we refer… read more\’
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